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  New Magazine Launched. 09/01/2012
We have launched a new magazine on vastu shastra.

Event on ‘Vastu Rahasya’ 09/01/2012
Enroll now for the event discusing vastu shastra & dowsing.

Know the auspious days in the month of January 2012 09/01/2012
Get to know which days are the most auspious in this month.
  Babanrao Patil is a Vastu Consultant and a Dowser, from Mumbai with over 11 years of experience. He has been awarded 2 prestigious titles, “Vastu Pandit” & “Vastu Visharad”. His Magazine ‘Vastu Rahasya’ the one and only magazine for vastu shastra has been awarded as the best magazine for the last 4 years. He has provided his much sort after consultation for residential and commercial locations all over India...more  

Vastu Consultations
We provide Vastu Consultations for all sorts of vastu related issues for your home or commercial areas for immediate remedies that are workable and cost effective in nature....more
  Areas of Services for Vastu Consultations

  • Vastu Consultations for: Home, Offices, Shops, Factories, Hotels, Farm Houses.
  • Vastu Consultation during purchase of New Home, Commercial Properties or Plots.
  • Vastu Consultation for Business Growth, Improving Studies, Personal Improvements, Family Harmony and Good Health.
  • Vastu Consultation to avoid Financial Crisis, Marital Problems, Family Problems, Hindrances in Marriages of Young Boys and Girls, Unsuccessful Business Ventures, Addition Problems.

Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods or a pendulum.....more
  Areas of Services for Dowsing

  • To find out issues concerning vastu shastra & the flow of poisonous water on the earth.
  • To find out the benefits of dowsing in making personal decisions, education, career, business, etc.
  • Vastu Consultation for Business Growth, Improving Studies, Personal Improvements, Family Harmony and Good Health.
Our Social Activities

Babanrao Patil has carried out many social activities in the areas of child welfare, funded children education, health relief activities, as a gesture of giving back to the society....more
Vastu Rahasya Magazine

Vastu Rahasya Magazines had been first published in the year 2007. It is the first of its kind magazine in Vastu Rashtra and had been awarded the best magazine for 4 years....more
Free Tips

Take a look at a few tips that migh help sort out various issues without much efforts. You may try out these simple proctices that will help avoid lot of negative happenings....more
  Babanrao Patil has over 11 years of experience in Vastu Shastra Consulting & Dowsing, with prestigous titles like ‘Vastu Pandit’ & ‘ Vastu Visharad’  
  Tel: 09821318552 | 09867494626

1 Vaishnav Niwas, Akurli Cross Rd no-2, Kandivli (E),
Mumbai - 400101
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